This website is a comprehensive reference guide for all things relating to Junior Golf in Wales. It contains much help for those involved with the organisation and development of junior golfers and is a source of best practice. 

The website includes:

-The new online Junior GolfCert accreditation application process. Junior GolfCert is an accreditation scheme to help support, develop and recognise clubs with high-quality junior sections.

-The comprehensive Junior Golf Guide resource, available to download.

-Video clubs, images and downloads of example sessions, exercises and games.

-Rules and Etiquette resources and film to use within your junior sessions.

-Plus more. 

The future of this great game rests with the young golfers of today and the VITAL role the golf clubs of Wales play in nurturing those young people both as individuals and as golfers.   Within golf clubs, the Junior Organiser is fundamental to that process; we urge all clubs in Wales to ensure they have an effective Junior Committee and to give support and recognition to their Junior Organiser and volunteers.

Golf is a “game for life”, open and accessible to all, and can certainly contribute to the development of an active, healthy and successful nation.

-INVEST in their future and the game as a whole.
-CREATE healthy and sustainable junior structures which will support the recruitment and retention of young people (players and members).
-THRIVE on a healthy mix of members of all ages to keep the golf club dynamic and forward thinking.
-ENCOURAGE the family use of their facility.
-DEVELOP not only better golfers, but also better people

Please use this resource and make it available to the members of your clubs, and let’s make Wales an even stronger golfing nation!

** Wales Golf was established as a result of Wales’ successful Ryder Cup Bid. It is the development arm of the Golf Union of Wales and is a strategic partnership between the Golf Union of Wales, the Golf Foundation and Sport Wales. It is also supported by the Professional Golfers Association and the R&A.