Rules and Etiquette Resource

The Rules and Etiquette DVD resource in an invaluable teaching aid that takes new junior players through the rules and etiquette unique to golf.

This hour long learning resource, starring aspiring young Welsh golfers, offers helpful advice for those starting out in the game and provides entertaining question and answer sessions to make the learning process enjoyable and appealing.

Golf is essentially a self-regulating game and each golfer should have a good understanding of the fundamental rules, which have existed for over 200 years. Similarly, it is essential that all juniors are made aware of the importance of etiquette at an early stage of their golf development to ensure play is enjoyable and safe. Wales Golf has distributed a free copy of the DVD to all Golf Union affiliated clubs around Wales to help youngsters and other new members of the club community gain a solid foundation of knowledge.

Additional copies of the DVD can be purchased at £20.00 each from George Cocker

Rules and Etiquette pocket reminders

Fun Golf Rules and Etiquette books – The Golf Etiquette book is a guide to golfing behaviour and some basic etiquette guides for day to day golfing. Also included are the two pocket fun reminders, Golf Etiquette and Golf Rules. These include illustrations to get the basic rules and etiquette across to beginners in a fun an appealing way.These are available to purchase from Wales Golf at £1.50 plus postage. Click here to order.

Wales Golf Welcome Booklet

The Wales Golf welcome booklet aims to support new golfers coming into club membership to get the most out of being a member. Welcome booklets are available from Wales Golf (£1.00 each plus postage) to give to new and trial members to ease the transition into membership and give basic, general information about golf in a fun and appealing way.You can also combine these with the Rules and Etiquette booklets for your beginner’s and new member’s for just £2.50 per pack plus postage. To order click here